We seem not to be tapping to the knowledge of others

Most leaders especially presidents don’t tap into the knowledge and wisdom around. They mostly believe they have all the intellects on board within their cabinets. Democracy has this issue being its challenge. Democracy realizes that its decision makers are only selected because of its repeating issues in the country of its representation. There are still a lot of good brains around who miss out on this huge opportunities to be among the governance of a country. They do, not because they can’t, instead they do because not all of them can occupy the top of the apex in relation to the triangle i previously posted. In simple words not all can be leaders in the same period. That also doesn’t mean those not occupying these positions do not have better brains to crack hard nut problems.

With this in mind let all leaders begin to devise their own way of closing the gap between them and their worthy followers. Even if you should carry dustbins for that we should know it is worth it.


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