Explanations on the word ‘future’ always hover around the fact that it is our tomorrow. “Future leaders” a lot say to the lot. It was said also in the childhood of John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, George Washington, Kwame Nkrumah, Kofi Annan, Abraham Lincoln, Blatter, Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and the likes. Let’s not forget others were told the same in their childhood as well. Others whose name were and are not recognize on the premium. This enacts the meaning that not all were born leaders. Also not all were trained leaders. This is because we all can’t be leaders, so also to the followers. The other has to be a leader with one being the follower. We’ve got to and still are in the regime where people do not love to be followers. Everyone seems to be aiming at the leadership position in work, politics, governance, society, groups, associations, and so on. When they figure a time to move to those leadership roles, they only end up causing chaos. Affecting others on the way there, and involving the innocent in the same surroundings on their dubious way -to the top-, they think. It can be related to a triangle where its apex becomes too small to contain a lot of leaders.


I’m sure this same word ‘future leaders’ was mentioned to you. It was mentioned to me as well. It is still being mentioned, even within our own selves. Some don’t pay much attention to it whiles others do. Even without that, not forgetting our homes and in its surroundings, our parents and in numbers few elderly ones around predict the future to us sometimes. Some say I am going to be a doctor, manager, and others repeat I would be a president. This mostly happens in Africa, can’t tell much outside Africa but believe it exist there. As we keep repeating this, let us also portray the acknowledgement of their followers. Those who assist these leaders, and also work behind the scene to make the dream reality in movie, they combine your components and create the perfect equation to suit you. Due to the less recognition equated to them, no being was to be there or even stay there. Sometimes they make their own fame by pronouncing to others about where they work or who they work with. I would disagree to agree that majority prefer to be famous but it still doesn’t mean there are no benefits with being a follower. Of coarse there is fame in being a follower but this time you create it yourself and that makes you even more influential than those you end up creating it for. There are a lot more other benefits. Another is it makes you even more dangerous to the leader because you turn up to have much details about his weaknesses especially when you assist or work behind the scene. Hence there will be no equation without the leader or the follower.


I believe we live in the era where we ought to proclaim “today’s leaders”, instead of ‘future leaders’. In our days when we keep saying ‘Future leaders’, then we allow procrastination to become a thief of time ending us up to our old age without having anything to be proud of. We should start getting prepared for anything and anywhere we are placed. Also those who have consumed a lot of time in their leadership positions and feel they are done with the role they need to play in development should step down for other characters to contribute to make that one perfect movie. Another important reason why we should proclaim the word “today’s leaders” is that it doesn’t take you to be at wider organization to be a leader. One could be a leader wherever he or she is with no restrictions. Even when you are a child you could organize other children to achieve a goal being whatever that may be.

            My Noble to be answered for this article is, ‘is a president a leader or a manager?’


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